Recent Projects

CC1500 goes to work hoisting at modular condo development

Project Dates: 6th August 2014 ongoing
2 months | 3 phases of work
Demag CC1500 330ton hydraulic lattice boom conventional crawler crane
40-60,000lb modular condo components
CC1500 with jib for modular construction project - Sask - DLB Cranes (1)
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Big Cranes – Russian Dolls Erection Project

DLB Cranes LR11350 HC210 RT780 Goliath Assembly Project

DLB Cranes Ltd – Erecting Canadian Landmarks
VSY Modernization Project – The “Russian Doll” Project
Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia
Client: ALE and Roll Lift
Project: Seaspan’s Vancouver Shipyard Modernization Project
Cranes: 300MT “Goliath” | LR11350 | HC210 | RT780
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Awesome time-lapse LTM1250 300ton AT hoisting project

Four Days in February 2013: Watch CR046 Liebherr LTM1250 300ton all-terrain through the four day assembly of The Strathmore. Structural steel was completed in early February and the modules were set over just 4 days in mid February.
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Overhead Crane Change Out at Kemano Sub Station, Kitimat BC

Overhead Crane Change Out at Kemano Sub Station, Just outside of Kitimat, BC
Project Duration: 2 months
Crane on site: Link Belt ATC-3130 (130 Ton All Terrain Crane)
Max capacities: 80,000lbs at 30′
Max boom configurations: 72’ Main Boom
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Enercon E53 Wind Turbine Generator installed at the Cowesses Wind Project

Enercon E53 Wind Turbine Generator installed at the Cowesses Wind Project 10Km south of Regina, SK
Project Duration: 2 weeks
Cranes on site: Demag CC-1500 (330 Ton Crawler Crane) and Tadano TRX-800 (80 Ton Rough Terrain Crane)
Max capacities: 85,000lbs at 60′ (250’ up in the air)
Max boom configurations: 256’ Main Boom and 40’ Jib offset at 10 Degrees
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Winterized Fertilizer Barn, Winnipeg

Project Duration: 10 months
Cranes on site: Terex-American HC210, Grove RT9130, Tadano TR800, Terex RT665
Max capacities: 79,000lbs at 50′ (HC210); 42,000 at 45′ (RT9130); 44,000lbs at 30′ (TR800); 39,900 at 30′ (RT665)
Max boom configurations: 280′ lattice boom c/w 190′ luffing jib (HC210); 160′ full power, hydraulic boom c/w 111′ fixed jib (RT9130); 114′ hydraulic boom c/w 58′ fixed jib (TR800); 111′ hydraulic boom c/w 57′ fixed jib (RT665)
Transport loads: low-bed plus 5 fall-off loads (HC210; low-bed plus 1 fall-off load (RT9130); low-bed each for TR800 & RT665

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Canola Processing Plant – Steel erection and Mechanical Installation

Project Duration: 6 months
Cranes: Terex-American HC210 (210ton) Crawler Crane, Liebherr LTM1250 (300ton) All-terrain Crane and mechanic support.
Loads: approx capacity 29,000lbs at 100′
Max Boom configuration: 230′ main boom or 200′ main and 40′ jib
Transport: full boom and jib on only 7 trucks.

Project Challenges: multiple cranes working on site, extremely tight hoisting environment, very limited space; weather: snow, rain and mud; site excavations close to hoisting site
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Pipeline Project (Saskatchewan)

Project Dates: 11th May 2009 through to 30th August 2009
4 months
Liebherr LTM1250 300ton All-Terrain; Terex-American HC210 210ton Crawler; Terex RT1120 120ton Rough Terrain; Tadano TR800 80ton Rough Terrain; Tadano TR300 30ton Rough Terrain
115,000lb transformers; 25,000lb pipeline pipe
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Simon Fraser Bridge (Prince George)

Project Dates: December 2007 through August 20th, 2009
Duration: 21 months
Cranes: Liebherr LR1280 300ton Crawler; Demag CC1500 300ton Crawler; Terex-American HC110 110ton Crawler; Terex RT665 65ton Rough Terrain; Tadano TR300 30ton Rough Terrain
Loads: Extreme hoisting of 420,000lb 4-girder lift using two 300ton cranes; installation of 4.5million lbs of steel.
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Refinery Upgrade Module Yard (Edmonton)

Project Dates: September through to March
Duration: 18 months
Cranes: Terex RT1120 120ton Rough Terrain, Tadano GR800 80ton Rough Terrain, Tadano T800 80ton Rough Terrain, Tadano TR665 65ton Rough Terrain, Tadano TR300 30ton Rough Terrain
Loads: 15,000lb pipe sections and modules.
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