The DLB Quality Assured Services

Trust in Our Expertise and Experience:

With decades of experience in the crane and heavy-lift industry, DLB Cranes is ideally placed to offer excellence in project execution, on time and on budget. DLB Cranes makes the difficult appear easy, the expensive very affordable and the experience memorable. We work to get your repeat business.

project success

The DLB Quality Assured Services:

  • Bare rentals
    Crawler and Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Taxi rentals
    Seal-Certified Operator supplied
  • Industrial Moving Solutions
    Cut your down-time, maximizing profits
  • Project Planning Services
    Safe Work Plans, Traffic Control & Engineering
  • Engineer Certifications
    Lift Plans & Specialist Rigging
  • Industrial Movers
  • Specialist fabrication
    Spreader Bars, Rigging and Hoist Equipment
  • Heavy Lift or Critical Lift Supervision
    Heavy & Difficult = Our Specialty
  • Safe Work Practices
    Your site safety is our No1 priority

In-house Services for Success:

DLB Cranes has an in-house engineering team who provide a full suite of engineering services: Detailed dimensioned site survey, scaled drawings showing proper placement, hazards and lifting procedures, and Single and Multiple Crane Lift Designs – DLB provides Engineered Critical Lift Plans.