Wind Turbine Media Attention

Enercon E53 Wind Turbine Generator installed at the Cowesses Wind Project 10Km south of Regina, SK
Project Duration: 2 weeks
Cranes on site: Demag CC-1500 (330 Ton Crawler Crane) and Tadano TRX-800 (80 Ton Rough Terrain Crane)
Max capacities: 85,000lbs at 60′ (250’ up in the air)
Max boom configurations: 256’ Main Boom and 40’ Jib offset at 10 Degrees

Transport loads: The crawler crane came into the site on one multi-axle trailer and 9 additional trailers hauling boom, counterweight and jibs. The 80 Ton Rough Terrain came into the site on a multi-axle trailer

DLB Cranes in Windblat Media – click here
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