Time-lapse 1,350ton crane at work

Stunning time-lapse video of huge cranes at work – a 1,350ton crawler (LR11350) in North Vancouver.
LR11350 Time-lapse (c) Linka Van As

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DLB Cranes Ltd. is proud to have been a part of yet another project Building Canada’s Landmarks. Our world-class business development team seeks out unique opportunities in unusual places, and our best-in-the-industry operators, engineers and technicians have the critical, hands-on experience necessary to handle complicated, large-scale projects as well as fulfill even the most specific requirements in niche areas and remote locations. DLB Cranes has built an impeccable reputation by making the difficult seem easy, the complicated seem simple and the expansive something affordable.

Follow this link to see the crane photography project from Linka Van As